Coalition of Gordax

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Coalition of Gordax (also referred to by The Coalition or most commonly Gordax) is currently the most technologically and economically advanced faction on the server. The faction is focused on advancing technologies and combat on the server. The base is located on the central western shore of Northlake. The Coalition is currently waiting for diamonds to become the established server currency to begin trading its large stocks of goods.

History and Contributions

Gordax Era

Originally named Gordax, the Coalition was an active group on the server. They were commonly attributed to having led the economy, running multiple stores and owning large resource stockpiles.

Mount Gordax

Map of Mt Gordax - 04.12.19
Westlake Flag at Mt Gordax

Mt Gordax was the Coalition's main base on the server situated on the Mega taiga Amplified and Normal terrain split at 1000, 1000. Perhaps the most iconic build at the mountain was the giant Westlake logo created by Ewpuggles

Another notable build was the Great Wall of Fergus constructed by ToastHoney. The wall spanned over 400 blocks east to west with a small unfinished section on the eastern side. The main purpose of the wall was to establish a perimeter for the builds in Mount Gordax and as a defence against any attack that may occur. Within the borders of the Great Wall of Fergus would be a wheat field and windmill constructed by troyboy767 and ToastHoney as well as many iconic symbols such as the weed sign constructed by TheColeThat and the epic sign constructed by JeniaBenia

The Great Wall of Fergus

Space K31

The core of Space K31
Main article: Space K31

Space K31 was an unfinished space station in the End Dimension built primarily by ToastHoney, with some help from Filiferret, JeniaBenia, and CookieMasterRace. The station consisted of a quad beacon shooting through the centre and a massive crop farm at the bottom level, the build was intended to span from Y = 1 to 255.

Coalition Era

Despite its extremely northern location, Gordax was the first faction to establish itself on the server. The Coalition directly transported every previous member since the Gordax Era, along with some new citizens. Due to Gordax's economic-based political views, the Coalition recruited new member Kristapssen to construct their Headquarters while the goal of all other citizens was to gather as many as resources as possible. By the time the construction of the Main-Headquarters was finished, the Coalition had gathered enough resources to invest further in construction and urban development. Alliances were formed with the nearby factions, and the very large sparsely populated area the Coalition and its allies inhabited was named Northlake. A Coalition embassy was constructed in Zojuoland.


During the brief time the server was up, the Coalition's military splitoff faction K31 (led by users KBD2 and ToastHoney) established a formidable obsidian fortress. After the closure of the clash server, the Coalition was compensated for the large amount of resources spent on the fortress.

Kingdom 31

Kingdom 31 or more commonly K31 was originally founded by Jahkeha, Cobalt and ToastHoney. With the fall of their ancestors due to starvation, and the crumble of the 30 other kingdoms, the thirty first kingdom would decide to fend for itself and remove any connections with any of their old trading partners. Seeing as how the incompetence of the other 30 kingdoms led to their downfall, the thirty first kingdom swore to feed and provide for its people and allies, thus, the goal of ensuring a stockpile of any resource was the main goal of the kingdom. Eventually, the kingdom would merge with the Coalition of Gordax, whom ToastHoney was also the leader of, and it became the primary military force of the coalition.

Main Buildings

Gordax Base

Main article: Gordax Base

The Gordax base is located on the west shore of Northlake, where members of Gordax settled to establish the first faction on the server.

K31 Headquarters

Main article: K31 Headquarters

The K31 Headquarters is the secretariat building of the Coalition of Gordax. The three-storey HQ is built with a ground floor, first floor, second floor, third floor and the roof. The ground floor consists of three rooms, along with the first and second floor consisting of five rooms. The third floor holds leader ToastHoney's office and the conference room.

K31 Villa

Main article: K31 Villa

The K31 Villa is the Coalition's embassy in Oltanis. Constructed by Kristapssen

Jahkeha's Base

Main article: Jahkeha's Base

Projected Buildings

Vaisseau de K31

The K31 yacht

Aeron Arena

Aeron Aktiengesellschaft (Aeron AG or AG), otherwise shortened to Aeron, is a Gordax construction company based in the Coalition of Gordax. After various projects, Aeron has planned to construct an entertainment arena for in the preparation to hold future sporting events.

Northlake Grand Prix

Although the project is yet to be confirmed, the council of Northlake are considering to construct a racetrack in the Northlake region. General Assembly

Despite the location of the building not confirmed yet, a building to hold the world's highest ranking officials has been put into low consideration.


This list is subject to change.


ToastHoney (Founder)




Tegridy Farms
Hong Kong Horse Takeaways
The Church Of Milk
Land Down Under
Order of the Four Shields




Some server-wide achievements by the Coalition are not recorded here, as they are privy to the Coalition.

  • Were the first established faction on the server
  • Built the first and most used XP farm in The End
  • Built the first quad-beacon
  • Built the first nona-beacon
  • Obtained the first:
    • Shulker box full of elytra
    • Shulker box full of obsidian
    • Shulker box full of iron blocks
    • Stack of diamond blocks