The United Nations of Bunker

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The United Nations of Bunker was a intergovernmental organisation seeking to establish communication, stronger relations, diplomacy, democracy, and peace in the world of Bunker. The First Constitution can be found here.


The Secretariat is the collective term for the titles of Secretary General and Deputy Secretary General.

Secretariat at time of dissolution:[edit]

Secretary General: ToddHoward69
Deputy Secretary General: HughMann

Security Council[edit]

A Security Council member is nominated by a nation or city-state who are apart of the UN, to represent them. Security Council members are able to vote whether a UN proposal should be put forth to the delegate stage and are able to vote during the delegate stage.

Council at time of dissolution[edit]

AFlightlessKiwi - Land Down Under,
Caidora - Auckland Towing,
Chiefles - Fluffies,
Fatherkiri - Jonestown,
HughMann - The Serene Republic of the Southeast,
Skyknight_Delta - Order of the Four Shields,
ToastHoney - Coalition of Gordax,
ToddHoward69 - First Republic Of Bruh,
TuataraBoots - Sanctuary,
xXchevydogXx - Eladonia,
zojuo - Autocratic Scientologist States.


The number of delegates given to a nation or city-state (who are apart of the UN) depends on their population. These delegates are able to vote on UN proposals which are in the delegate stage. Delegates are approved to vote by the Security Council.

Delegates at time of dissolution[edit]


The Eladonian Crisis[edit]

Following the birth of the UN the Eladonian Crisis marked the beginnings of the UN's first international law's and its enforcement, the crisis set the mark for the UN's significance.

The Massacre of Eladonia[edit]

On the 10th of April 2NZ from the nation of CPP went on a killing spree in the nation of Eladonia, he killed many citizens of the nation and this sparked a server-wide coalition defending Eladonia, after a period of fighting 2NZ was exiled by the coalition before being freed. After he was freed he went on another rampage to seek vengeance on those who had unjustly killed him, this sparked another coalition after the Deputy Secretary General of the UN was exiled by 2NZ. After an hour of chasing the fleeing 2NZ, KBD2 finally slayed and exiled 2NZ, this marked the end of the massacre with peace being restored to Eladonia and the rest of Bunker.

The Imprisonment and Trial of 2NZ[edit]

With the exile and imprisonment of 2NZ a new problem threatened the UN, KBD2 and ToddHoward69 spent time planning his imprisonment and settled on trapping his pearl in a reinforced chest underneath the Nether, this proved successful for the night and in the morning of April the 11th his trial began. Some sides were more lenient then others and vice versa but at the end of the day the initial demands were very harsh, prompting 2NZ to refuse his punishments, eventually a compromise was reached and the final terms were settled upon.

The Trial Terms of 2NZ:
2NZ pays 15 diamonds to Eladonia and 5 diamonds to @Hugh Mann [RSE]
2NZ's protection from the UN is revoked and he is allowed to be killed by anyone without them being punished.
2NZ is barred from any entry into the nation of Eladonia, if violating this he will be fined for 3 diamonds.

The Eladonian Compromise[edit]

On the 12 of April, 2NZ went on a 3rd rampage in the nation of Eladonia, this led to a harsh reaction from the UN who were now considering military action on the CPP, after negotiating between the CPP and the people of Eladonia it was concluded that 2NZ would be pardoned of all his crimes against Eladonia and the nation of CPP would be annexed into the nation of Eladonia. This marked the end to the Eladonian Crisis.

The End of the United Nations[edit]

On the 8th of May, ToddHoward69 announced the dissolution of the United Nations after members decided it was beneficial for the UN to disband. 16 delegates and council members voted for it to end, while only one member, zojuo was against. Todd's announcement reads "the united nations has been disbanded, it was fun while it lasted but it quickly died, we have pretty much all the votes we need and the outcome is clear". The discord server remains as an archive.

A Return?[edit]

Perhaps on a future era of Bunker we may see a revival of the UN, stronger and better, more efficient and fair. For such strength work would have to start on the first day of the servers rebirth.