The Shanty

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The Shanty is a relatively new Nation that sprung up within the Dusty Wilderness of the North Western Mesa. Alluded to be host to Gatherings at Strange Hours. The Shanty's priorities lie with providing resources and funding 'Creative' Exploits.

Current Features Include[edit]

  • A Variety of Public Auto Farms!
  • A Testificate Trade Centre!
  • A Lack of Ethics!
  • Mob Grinders!
  • A Confusing Layout!
  • The probably-not-certified-but-nonetheless-existing PVP Shanty Arena!
  • Honey!
  • And a Mild Cat Infestation!


Order of the Four Shields


The Ender Isle's

Disclaimer: The Shanty will not be held accountable for any Player, Spider, Cat or other Mob Related Injuries. The Shanty also STRESSES that they remain unaffiliated to The Church of Pan [Melon Division], although they willingly host a variety of Colourful Characters.