The Communist Party Of New Zealand

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The Only True beliefs[edit]

The working class of New Zealand has suffered enough under the cruel rule Of Scientology and Capitalism. We must put an end to this era of Tyranny. The working class must have their revenge on the Capitalist scum of the west.

Our Ultimatum(How you become an ally of the Proletariat )[edit]

You Must update your Wikipedia to state That you are an ally to the Communist state, That you are Communist. You Must Give your Diamonds and I will split it EVENLY among the member's everyone with have access to the basic base or the underground tunnel network who complies with these simple rules

Our Glorious Flag[edit]

Flag-Union-of-Soviet-Socialist-Republics (1).jpg


Ionised Death




Our religion is The Church Of Milk In this church you must attend The Main Cathedral on Monday. You can be baptized or even crowned Pope of the church if seen fit.