Space K31

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Early Stages of Space K31
Bottom View of Space K31
Construction of the Crop Circle
View within the Crop Circle

Space K31 is a space station built by ToastHoney in the end islands, far out in the end. Inspired by Valkyria, ToastHoney wanted to build a mega space station in the void of the end islands. Construction began and plans for an arena, storage room and farms were put into place. During this time, he hired Filiferret and Cookiemasterrace to aid in building the hotel section of the station, as well as receiving help from JeniaBenia. The plan was to have a "crop circle" at the very bottom of the station; a farm which would contain every type of plant in the game. Unfortunately this build was unfinished upon the end of the server and only about 3/4 of the crop circle was actually constructed.