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A succinct list of major regions on the current map. They are categorized based on proximity to spawn (and population). Regions may include allied relations, but they are mutually exclusive.

Adding a region requires at least 2 or more bases/factions to be set up there, with coordinates to the main portal as so: "[hyperlinked region] [optional: nether portal co-ords for entrance: X, Y, Z]"
Micro-regions may include single groups that encompass a large span of area, such as a large island. Replace the [hyperlinked region] with [hyperlinked base]
Isolated Groups include small bases that do not encompass a large enough area for a micro-region. They tend to be single houses or minor underground bases. Follow the micro-region naming system

--Yo can someone do a large rendering of the map but with the regions highlighted? ty!--


Oltanis, (, , )
Eastern Alps, (, ,)
Northlake, (, ,)
Far West, (, ,)
Mighty Black Power, (, ,)


Midnight Turtle Jungle, (1089, 94, 1216)

Isolated Groups[edit]


Azorean Sea
Pike River
Oltanis River