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Proving is a city/state ran by their Great Leader Y4R on the server It was initially built upon the Pike River, Oltanis River Pike Lagoon inside the Papa Whenua area. Proving is subdivided into four main subregions: Proving CBD, West Proving, The Outback and the Nevada Ranges.

A satellite view with the borders of Proving, excluding the yellow land owned by Zojuo.


The laws are not set in stone, but some laws include abiding by the server's rules, all land must be allocated by Y4R before being built on, and residents must join the



Proving used to be named Oltanis and was ran by Zojuo. Y4R decided to buy Oltanis for 150 diamonds as Zojuo no longer visited and hardly ran the town, yet Oltanis was still used and visited often by many people due mainly to the idealistic location and also the village trading centre. This deal excluded the two Churches of Scientology and Zojuo's house, due to sentimental value to Zojuo. Y4R vouched that he will commit to making Oltanis a better place for everybody.

First Action[edit]

Y4R started by acknowledging which houses and buildings he'd like to demolish or renovate to make Proving look better. MageTrash agreed this is fine, as long as the owner of the houses/buildings didn't claim the land via discord or in-game within one week of the announcement (04/21/2020). Y4R also closed all government-owned buildings (the farm, the police station, the bank, the exchange, the villager trading, the Oltanis hotel and the town hall.


Y4R safely blew up several buildings alongside MageTrash to create land in Proving CBD, including some inactive users' houses, the police station, the bank and the hotel. These renovations are continuous and Y4R continues to create and sell land to users who want to build in the CBD.


Proving was decided as a name because Oltanis had gone through many name changes and many bunker players were confused about which name to call it. It is named after the Nevada Test Site (previously called Nevada Proving Grounds). The Nevada Test Site was a fake, deserted city which the United States tested nukes during the Cold War. This is similar to Proving as it's a deserted city which gets bombed (tnt'ed). Y4R also claims that this name was chosen as he is "proving" this town can make a comeback and be active again. Users who are native to Proving and have a Proving accent pronounce the city "pro-ving", whereas everyone else typically pronounces the city "proo-ving".

Notable buildings[edit]

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Proving gets a lot of hate, mostly from MageTrash, that the name should be changed as a verb shouldn't be used as a town's name.


This list is subject to change.