Order of the Four Shields

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Order of the Four Shields is a faction composed of users BlazeSporks, Skyknight_Delta, pp_aiya and WildForever. Located in the south eastern spruce valley, the Order continues to build structures of both practical and aesthetic in nature. They currently hold an alliance with The Coalition of Gordax.

Race to The End[edit]

During the early hours of the server a decision was made by the Order to speedrun the early process in order to obtain the Dragon Egg, taking inspiration from the recently set Minecraft speedrun world record. With no more than two stacks of arrows and 15 beds, the Order successfully slayed the Enderdragon, despite heavy casualties. Upon slaying, the Order was notified through achievements that two individuals, one of which being Caidora entered the End. A brief conflict occurred after it was realized that Caidora, despite being an administrator, was attempting to retrieve the Dragon Egg.


The Order now focuses on building projects within the valley and is currently attempting to construct a rail link between the valley and the South Eastern Minecart Highway created by Foo