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Map of Oltanis with its approximate borders

Oltanis, formerly Zojuoland, was a town in Papa Whenua that was formerly apart of the the Autocratic Scientologist States. The town was situated around Pike River, Oltanis River, Pike Lagoon, and surrounded by the Eastern Alps. Oltanis was subdivided into the subregions: Downtown Oltanis, Central Oltanis, Eastern Oltanis, Wheat Valley, and the Northern Plains. The town spanned over mostly plains, forest, mountains, and river biomes. Oltanis was north of The Nordic Empire and south and east to the Union of Quantative Biology. On the 21/04/2020 zojuo, leader of the town, sold the town to Y4R after the growing inactivity in the town, who is in the process of developing the town to become Proving.


Oltanis is a planet on the video game Ratchet & Clank, the planet is plagued with deadly lighting storms and rain. Zojuoland was known to frequently rain and have lightning storms, which is why he named it this.


Once a vibrant a popular town, Oltanis grew more inactive each day, mostly due to its populace being casual players which are losing interest in the server.


Before its formation, the Zojuoland area had a fairly large population due to its proximity to the original spawn. Houses during this period were mainly constructed out of dirt and birch wood. Government over the area was non-existent and as a result the structures were chaotically spread and designed. Food was sparse due to the lack in infrastructure investment, so most of the town starved and resulted to suicide to regain full hunger.


User zojuo would declare the area Zojuoland on the 23/03/2020. The town would have the goal of providing a community of citizens who would work together to survive. The first few days of Zojuoland proved to be difficult as crops were second priority after establishing houses, leading to a famine. Wheat farms were quickly established but the famine would continue as wheat is not an efficient crop and griefers would steal crops without replanting. The town's proximity to the original spawn also resulted in many thefts from new players. A small council was organised which would plan and build public utilities in the town, such as farms.


The town changed it's name upon the council agreeing to zojuo's proposal of Oltanis. The decision was made when the town formed and join the Allied Scientologist States (now the Autocratic Scientologist States)

Collapse of A.S.S[edit]

Upon the collapse of A.S.S, Oltanis still remains a city-state claimed by zojuo. Also due to the creation of Papa Whenua the claim was forced to change to a city-state.

Ownership Transfer to Y4R[edit]

On the 21/04/2020 zojuo sold Oltanis to Y4R.