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The flag of Nansgarden
The crest of Nansgarden

Nansgarden is a group formed by users Amelia77 (cheesepieimaydie), Honderbar and Amidias in the far East of the explored world. The group was formed on 04/04/20 as a result of fleeing the Swansboro Federation after user Pepsi_God_ had genocided the local population of users multiple times in the course of an afternoon.


Long standing tensions between fundamentalist and moderate muslims within the Islamic Caliphate of the Desert and Savannah erupted after the signing of the Westlings Agreement. Fundamentalists, under the command of Ulema Pepsi_God_, were greatly concerned at the sudden admission of moderately Islamic Al'Piedrans into the caliphate, which threatened to throw the balance of power sharply in moderate favour. The fundamentalists were determined to convert more moderate Al'Piedrans and perhaps even irreligious citizens of Swansboro in order to regain influence in the court of the Caliph. When their attempts to convert diplomatically failed, they resorted to violence.

It is unknown just how many people had died in the attack, with estimates showing that travellers from Northend had suffered the most casualties in ratio to their population. Due to the sudden attack, the residents of Swansboro weren't able to muster up a force fast enough in order to counter Ulema Pepsi_God's invading army who had used black magic to appear through a portal. The supporting forces from Northend had been completely wiped out.

Amidst the horror of the burning city of Keightleyston from the attack, Swansboro citizens had collectively assembled all their ships in to a great fleet to flee from impending disaster in the future from any possible further attacks.

Emir Hunderbar, disillusioned by the unjust slaughter of fellow Muslims, by Muslims, and the slaughter of his newly adopted brothers in Swansboro, disavowed his Islamic faith, shedding his title and adopted Islamic name 'Hunderbar' to return to his Turkish roots. Köpekika, as he was now called, joined the Swansboran refugee fleet with those who managed to escape from jihadist hands under a new secular republican ideology.

The refugee fleet, lead by Admiral Amelia 'cheesepieimaydie' Keightley; cousin of Mayor and President Rebecca Keightley who had died defending the city, as well as Admiral Paşa 'Hunderbar' Köpekika sailed from Lake Swansboro to the far Eastern fledges of the known world, marking it as 'The Great Trek' in a bid to set up a successor to their formal settlements and their morals, and to simply build infrastructure to habitat themselves and others.




gardening is ultra-manly

Brewery Company[edit]

With the addition of the brewery plugin to on the 5th of April, Nansgarden pushed all of its efforts towards developing its first every national-run brewery company, Nansgarden Brewery Ltd. The company has been met with lots of success, being able to brew various types of light lagers, meads and hard liquors for the local population of Nansgarden - as well as soon potentially the population of as a whole as the company seeks to expand its reach overseas.