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MageTrash's skin

MageTrash is a moderator on the server, and was an active moderator on


MageTrash, alias "Mage", joined on 18/08/2019, early in's development. Later on, he would join on the opening night, 23/03/2020
Mage earned his moderator status early on from slicklibro. He would slowly be granted privileges, initially with CoreProtect access, eventually gaining perms to kick/ban, spectate globally (via haunting players), and finally teleportation. He lacks any godmode status, such as access to all commands, creative mode and terrain modifying tools.

He initially joined the server with stwez in a semi-nomadic style, finally settling at a Mega Taiga border between normal and amplified terrain (that would later form Spruce Valley). As time progressed, he formed several alliances with other factions and enjoyed having a level of companionship among fellow players. Notable alliances were Gordax, Hong Kong Horse Takeaway, Niflheimr's Base, and Skyholm.
On, circumstances were different. He joined with relative disinterest due to other hobbies he had taken on, but succumbed to playing and setting up a base. He is currently constructing the ruins of Ironfall and formed several alliances, somehow with both The Coalition of Gordax and zojuoland.