Land Down Under

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Land Down Under Flag

General Info[edit]

The land down under was founded on the 27 of March in the year 2020. The three founding members of the church Pog2003, AFlightlessKiwi, and later that day MaxCoulGuy founded the city on the principles of a safe place and having a good time. The Land Down Under's current land lies far below the earth, members are working on many projects as well as the continuation of the lands. The group currently has three main members, the founders and various others who come in from time to time. The location of the land is currently undisclosed to the server at large but may be discovered by discerning members, such as Eynon who left the gift of a cactus.


The Land Down Under follows the Church Of Milk with one of the founding members AFlightlessKiwi
having been elected pope on the 29/3/2020. The Land Down Under disagrees with the principles of Scientology and those who follow it.


Currently The Land Down Under is apart of The States of Milk, which is the main alliances of The Church Of Milk.
The Land Down Under is also allied with the Coalition of Gordax.




In progress of digging a big ass hole, so far over 50,000 blocks have been excavated in order to create the land down under.

Land Down Under Faction

Made first "functioning" faction The Milkers