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A satellite view of Jonestown Island.

Jonestown is an island-based nation on founded by Y4R. It is located 1,000 blocks east and 6,500 blocks south from the original spawn. Residents of Jonestown must all personally know the Mayor Y4R or Co-Mayor [[[fatherkiri]]. However, most residents are kind and will give or let new players use their resources. Jonestown consists of several islands and part mainland but the only buildings are on Jonestown Island and Gayland. Jonestown is named after the cult "The Peoples Temple Agricultural Project", nicknamed Jonestown, which was founded in 1978 by Jim Jones.

Notable Buildings[edit]

The Townhall[edit]

The Townhall as of 28/03/20.

The Townhall is open to all residents and guests of Jonestown. Its notable contents include an enchanting table, a council room where important meetings take place and a residents-only chest room. It was the second building on Jonestown, built by fatherkiri.

The blacksmith and brewery[edit]

The blacksmith is a building containing furnaces, blast furnaces and an anvil available for use by visitors and residents of Jonestown. The brewery is a building containing brewing stands which is available for use by only residents of Jonestown. Rumour has it, this is where Kool-Aid is brewed. Both buildings were built by fatherkiri.

The dock and port[edit]

The blacksmith and the brewery as of 28/03/20.

The dock and port is a landing area for visitors arriving on boats, built by fatherkiri.

Blaze grinder[edit]

The Blaze Grinder was built by Jonestown resident Y4R for public use. It is located at (58, 59, 901) in the nether. Please take caution when using this as blazes are unpredictable. Any deaths from the blazes are not Jonestown's fault.

Information centre[edit]

The information centre is located near the portal entrance to Jonestown and contains the current residents, the mayor, and a museum of interesting items.

Proving Embassy[edit]

Jonestown Embassy in Proving as of 9/04/20

the embassy can be found in the Proving CBD on the east side. This is a building that is used as a hotel for not only residents of Jonestown but for any person of any nationality as well. It is also a bank and a meeting area for Jonestown residents. Built by fatherkiri.


Y4R's initial landing at Jonestown Island.


Y4R landed upon Jonestown Island and the surrounding areas while raiding villages and sunken treasure for loot, on day 2 of He was on his way back to his old base, which contained very little loot when he got bored and lazy to go back, so instead found a new place to set home.

The landing area as of 26/03/20.

The landing area now remains unpopulated and the house only contains some villagers and chests with junk loot.


After the second Jonestown member fatherkiri joined, it was collectively agreed that the old house was too "ugly". Thus began the building of the current main Jonestown living and housing area and the Townhall. The name "Jonestown" was decided while constructing, named after the cult ran by Jim Jones in Guyana, 1978. Thankfully, the members decided to not go with Y4R's initial suggestion of naming the island Fortnite Island. A wheat area was created for a sustainable food source, and to obtain emeralds through farmer villagers.


Sometime between the night of 25/03/20 and the morning of the 26/03/20, player 147abc decided to grief Jonestown. 147abc took Y4R's fortune 2 diamond pickaxe, griefed a 2x2 hole in the floor of fatherkiri's house, and destroyed Jonestown's nether portal. Slicklibro and MageTrash undid the damage, however, and all was back to normal in a matter of minutes. The second noteable grief occurred only some weeks after when a resident was kicked out. He killed all three of the town's villagers and stole all of their valuables before leaving the server forever. Another grief occurred in June after Y4R and Smittering annexed The Caliphate (now Ebania). The previous owner, pepsi_god blew up part of the town hall and part of the church of Scientology in spite.

New assignments[edit]

After becoming inactive for a while Y4R decided to hand down his title of 'mayor' to his undersecretary fatherkiri on the 9th of April. This lead to the ending of the JZ Alliance. On the 10th of April, Jonestown mutually agreed with Coalition of Gordax to create the Jonestown and Gordax Alliance.


Mayor fatherkiri, alongside the_noob_bobxd and Y4R, began building on new land after Jonestown Island became too dense. Y4R named the area Gayland for redacted reasons. A railway was constructed to allow users without an elytra to navigate from the townhall to the new land. Gayland is mostly used for animal and AFK farms. The main feature is a wool farm, which was constructed with help from Smittering and BlazeSporks.

New assignments, v.2[edit]

After a while of inactivity, on the 5th of June, fatherkiri felt it was only right to give Y4R mayor of Jonestown back. At this point of time, Y4R had two nations under rule, owning both Jonestown and Proving.

From friends to enemies[edit]

On the 7th of June, after pp_aiya was crowned the leader of Eladonia, all talks of an alliance fell through. Y4R declared war on ppaiya's other nation she rules, Four Shields. After a couple of hours of dispute, all was resolved and a treaty was signed by both sides. All nations remain mutual to this day.

Post Covid[edit]

After the lockdown, when the server's average player count was 0, only Y4R would come online and only once every two weeks.


Jonestown is a rich nation. The mayor has more diamonds than residents could ever use in a lifetime.


Note: Jonestown looking to make some alliances. Please contact Y4R or ajax#3241 on discord if you're interested.

Coalition of Gordax


These lists are subject to change.

Current citizens[edit]

nobody lol

Inactive citizens[edit]