Islamic Caliphate of the Desert and Savannah

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The flag of the ICDS, made by Honderbar

The Islamic Caliphate of the Desert and Savannah (aka ICDS) is a faction founded by Pepsi_God_ and Amidias on the 27th of March 2020. The government is a one-party authoritarian Caliphate with a highly centralized (with the notable exception of Al'Piedra) and self-sufficient economy, currently governed by Caliph MaxKeyOfficial and the Ulema of Pepsi_God_ and DreadstarX. MaxKeyOfficial was elected as Caliph on the 29th of March 2020. Prior to this, the nation was governed by an Anarchist Council. The only urban centre is the capital, Damascus. No pork is allowed to be consumed inside its borders, doing so will result in expulsion for those not complying.

The lands of the caliphate under construction as of 31/03/2020
The flag of the Al'Piedra Emirate of the ICDS, made by Honderbar


All members are inactive, and Pepsi gave the land to Eladonia for safekeeping


Neutral Association of Independent Colonies


Over its lifespan, the faction has had multiple controversies. The first began when current member Pepsi_God_ stole diamonds (prior to the founding of the ICDS) from Jonestown for personal use. Members urged Pepsi_God_ to return the diamonds, but Pepsi held on to them. On the 28th of March 2020, these diamonds were returned by MaxKeyOfficial when Pepsi_God_ was offline. Since this point, relations between the ICDS and Jonestown normalized quickly with MaxKeyOfficial's diplomatic mission the following day. The ICDS gave Jonestown 5 diamonds as reparations too.

Another controversy from the faction emerged when MaxKeyOfficial published the faction name as Racist Gaming. Due to all members not being racist and outside recommendations, the name was swiftly changed to the present Islamic Caliphate of the Desert and Savannah.

Yet another controversy emerged on the 30th of March 2020 when newly recruited member StreetJesus0305 stole from and burned down the house of a newly created faction, established by Amidias, cheesepieimaydie and StreetGod2998. Repercussions were swift as cheesepieimaydie spotted StreetJesus0305 in the act, and admin Caidora gave him his first warning.

Another "controversy" occured when Pepsi_God_ asked trespassers to leave, and when they didn't he attacked them. This resulted in a portal being used to kill Pepsi_God_ and his items were taken. Only his sword and pickaxe were recovered, and he remains quite angry about it to date.

The last controversy occured just after Pepsi gave up the Caliphate's land. As a fun little "prank" he left some tnt traps around the place (he was going to do it to as many places as possible but he ended up getting bored after the first two).