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Ironfall is a collection of ancient ruins situated in the Eastern Alps. It is currently in construction, with the main entrance at (334, 89, -429), north of Oltanis and west of Diota.

History and Contributions[edit]

The lore behind Ironfall lies in a once-prosperous mountainous civilization that went into ruins after an unrecorded disaster. Since then, the region has become severely dilapidated, with unnaturally overgrown portions in the Great Halls, and the local housing clearly abandoned. However, a newer settlement to the eastern cliffs has formed, with several inhabitants revitalizing portions of Ironfall for utility and possibly archaeological discoveries. It is assumed these settlers are close relatives to the now Nordic Empire, having roots to nomadic ancestors that crossed the Eastern Alps.

Visitors of the region are advised to take care in treading carefully, as these are ancient sites. People may see several inhabitants of Diota passing by, primarily consisting of engineers and archaeologists trying to unearth the ancient remains and mysterious technologies of Ironfall. Visitors are advised to not interrupt them, but feel free to read their findings or inquire about the region.

MageTrash is the primary builder of this region, currently focusing on creating the main dilapidated halls while collecting the necessary resources for efficient construction. He has also set out a rough plan for the construction of other spaces in the region, but much of it is still under heavy experimentation and/or reformation. Other members contribute from time to time, but each member can do whatever they please.

Their current contributions involve the construction of a Cave Spider farm, but it will most likely expand out to multiple other farms given time and public cooperation.







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