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Server rules are simple:

YES PVP, NO GRIEFING everywhere.


Map of as of 3/06/2020

- Everything is on
- Click the top left (+) symbol to claim land or establish a city.
- Click anywhere on the map after that to begin.
- You can't claim land that is already claimed unless the owners of the claimed land agree to it.
- You can claim any unclaimed piece of land.

- Land claims must only be on land, try to match coastlines perfectly. You cannot claim large bodies of water.
- Make sure to fill in ALL the boxes. If you don't have a wiki link, go to, press edit on a section and add yourself.
- Make sure your capital/mainland has a high priority (e.g 1), and seperate claims (e.g islands) or villages have a low priority (e.g 3).
- Aliases/Tags must be <5 letters.
- Once done, paste your code in #sovereignty (in the discord)

- An active player is a player that logs on & plays for at least 30 minutes daily (for the past 3 days consistently, with no gap in between).
- If all active players are exile pearled, we consider the land unclaimed.


- KeepInventory is enabled for PvP-related deaths
- Players in combat can not do certain things, this includes teleporting, using elytra, etc.
- Logging out in combat leaves an NPC that can be pearled/killed.

Exile pearls[edit]

Example image of an exile pearl being repaired.

- Kill someone with an enderpearl in your hotbar to bind them to an exile pearl.
- Exiled players cannot do certain things such as gain xp & pvp.
- Exile pearls decay, to repair them combine it with its upgrade item in a crafting screen.
- Exile pearls can be upgraded to prison pearls.
- Prison pearls trap people in the end.
- You can dig to/break/open chests containing exile pearls (this will not count as griefing)
- You cannot teleport/use elytra if you have a pearl on you.


- /ep locate locate your exile pearl (for trapped players)
- /ep free free a trapped player (hold the exile pearl)
- /ep list to list all pearled players.
- /ep check <name> to see location & details of an exile pearl.
- /ep summon summon an imprisoned player from the end
- /ep return return an imprisoned player to the end
- /ep broadcast <kiwi group> broadcast your pearl location to your kiwi group

Additional: Exile pearls are only allowed in chests. Any other container/echest/shulker box/hopper is not allowed. Admins will instantly free an exiled player if they cannot find their logged pearl in a chest/player inventory. Any evidence that shows previous pearl mishandling will also result in an instant free.


/bunker GUI menu.

- Bunker allows you to reinforce blocks, making them difficult to break.
- Reinforcing a block with a bunker material protects it with X HP. How effective this HP is depends on its spent maturation time.
- Deplete HP by continuously breaking the block.
- Make sure to create/be in a kiwi group before reinforcing. (we also recommend setting a default kiwi group. you can do this in the /kiwi gui)


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