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Server rules are simple:

YES PVP, NO GRIEFING everywhere.


Map of as of 3/06/2020

- Everything is on
- Click the top left (+) symbol to claim land or establish a city.
- Click anywhere on the map after that to begin.
- You can't claim land that is already claimed unless the owners of the claimed land agree to it.
- You can claim any unclaimed piece of land.

- Land claims must only be on land, try to match coastlines perfectly. You cannot claim large bodies of water.
- Make sure to fill in ALL the boxes. If you don't have a wiki link, go to, press edit on a section and add yourself.
- Make sure your capital/mainland has a high priority (e.g 1), and seperate claims (e.g islands) or villages have a low priority (e.g 3).
- Aliases/Tags must be <5 letters.
- Once done, paste your code in #sovereignty (in the discord)

- An active player is a player that logs on & plays for at least 30 minutes daily (for the past 3 days consistently, with no gap in between).
- If all active players are exile pearled, we consider the land unclaimed.


- KeepInventory is enabled for PvP-related deaths
- Players in combat can not do certain things, this includes teleporting, using elytra, etc.
- Logging out in combat leaves an NPC that can be pearled/killed.

Exile pearls[edit]

Example image of an exile pearl being repaired.

- Kill someone with an enderpearl in your hotbar to bind them to an exile pearl.
- Exiled players cannot do certain things such as gain xp & pvp.
- Exile pearls decay, to repair them combine it with its upgrade item in a crafting screen.
- Exile pearls can be upgraded to prison pearls.
- Prison pearls trap people in the end.
- You can dig to/break/open chests containing exile pearls (this will not count as griefing)
- You cannot teleport/use elytra if you have a pearl on you.


- /ep locate locate your exile pearl (for trapped players)
- /ep free free a trapped player (hold the exile pearl)
- /ep list to list all pearled players.
- /ep check <name> to see location & details of an exile pearl.
- /ep summon summon an imprisoned player from the end
- /ep return return an imprisoned player to the end
- /ep broadcast <kiwi group> broadcast your pearl location to your kiwi group

Additional: Exile pearls are only allowed in chests. Any other container/echest/shulker box/hopper is not allowed. Admins will instantly free an exiled player if they cannot find their logged pearl in a chest/player inventory. Any evidence that shows previous pearl mishandling will also result in an instant free.


/bunker GUI menu.

- Bunker allows you to reinforce blocks, making them difficult to break.
- Reinforcing a block with a bunker material protects it with X HP. How effective this HP is depends on its spent maturation time.
- Deplete HP by continuously breaking the block.
- Make sure to create/be in a kiwi group before reinforcing. (we also recommend setting a default kiwi group. you can do this in the /kiwi gui)


- /bunker - view all bunker materials & details.
- /reinforce - reinforcement mode. hit a block holding a bunker material to reinforce it.
- /fortify - fortify mode. must be holding a bunker material. all blocks placed afterwards will be reinforced.
- /bypass - bypass mode. bypass your reinforced blocks.
- /inf - hit a block to show bunker info.
- /insecure - insecure mode. hit a block to make it insecure/secure. this allows redstone/piston interaction.
- /patch - patch mode. repair blocks with bunker materials.
- /normal or /false - exit out of any mode.

If you want to save admins some trouble, consider using bunker to protect your chests. Make sure to reinforce blocks under chests to stop items from being hoppered :))


/kiwi GUI menu.

- Kiwi is a group management system.
- Kiwi interfaces with bunker & exile pearls.
- Kiwi is very configurable, you can edit permissions of specific members (e.g chest access), merge groups, etc.


- /kiwi - open the kiwi gui. manage everything from here.


Visit for more details.
- Very spicy plugin that adds on top of vanilla gameplay nicely.
- Use /brew unlabel to remove the distill and aging times from your brews! This is useful for keeping your hard earned recipes a secret.