First Republic Of Bruh

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Flag of Bruh


The City of Bruh is a city formed on April 1st that came to power after the mighty ToddHoward69 announced a new theocratic order in the caves of Minecraft, after a 24 hour period known as ‘The Great Struggle’ the De Facto state became officially recognized as a satellite state of Auckland Towing and eventually became a fully incorporated territory of Auckland Towing. After a series of negotiating the state became a fully incorporated territory of Auckland Towing on the 4th of April. As of 6th of April the nation became independent, the first time in its history, this came about to avoid an imminent world war over the crisis.



Honorary Citizens[edit]

Honorary Citizens are given out by the incumbent Leader of Republic to other nations citizens who have shown compassion and/or provided assistance to the Republic.
Honorary Citizens receive all the rights of a natural-born citizen and may reside in the Republic provided that they have gained permission from the incumbent leader.

List of Honorary Citizens:

The Great Struggle[edit]

The Great Struggle was the 24 hour period of The State of Bruh that came directly after its establishment by ToddHoward69 it was a time of famine, hardship and homelessness for the nation, after relocating numerous times across the world, the nation was granted a plot of land by Auckland Towing and the House of Bruh was established. Despite being given land by Auckland Towing, disputes arose over the true ownership of the land, lives were lost as The State of Bruh was put under explosive siege by Auckland Towing. After a period of negotiating The State of Bruh was formally recognised as a Satellite State of Auckland Towing thus ending The Great Struggle and providing the people of Bruh a place to belong.

The City of Bruh

The Great Expansion[edit]

From the 3rd to the 4th of April the State of Bruh seeked to expand its borders to help Auckland Towing protect the Mushroom sea, The State of Bruh established its first colony on an island east of Auckland Towing, the island is very rich in sugar cane and has the largest sugarcane farm in the world. The great expansion wasn't just colonization however, with the goal of becoming a self sustaining nation a massive farm was built in the catacombs of Bruh. Throughout this period of expansion, further dissent toward the nation of Auckland Towing caused for talks between the two nations of independence for the nation of Bruh, these talks soon fell out and the dream of independence for the young nation was evermore crushed.

The Agricultural Miracle[edit]

The Colony of Bruh was established on the 3rd of April, the establishment of this colony marked history for Bruh as it marked the beginning of the Great Expansion, a series of events that saw an expansion of Bruh politically, economically and militarily. The large amount of sugarcane on the island meant that the colony expanded from an outpost to a plantation. The sugar cane farm is the largest farm in the world. The Catacombs of Bruh were completed around the same time as the Colony of Bruh, these catacombs house some of the largest farms in the world with a large output of carrots, potatoes and wheat. This expansion of agricultural industries in the nation became known as The Agricultural Miracle.

The Treaty of Bruh-Towing[edit]

This was a treaty between the State of Bruh and the nation of Auckland Towing which saw the annexation of Bruh into the nation of Auckland towing. The following is the treaty in it's full:
1. The State of Bruh and its territories are officially incorporated into the nation of Auckland Towing as a city.
2. The nation of Auckland Towing adopt the faith of the Bruh with ToddHoward69 recieving the title of the Pope (Purely an honorary title with no additional privileges.
3. The population of the State of Bruh become Modern Crusaders of the Mushroom Crusaders and recieves all the rights of a natural born citizen.
4. The People of Auckland towing receive free access to the Great farm of Bruh.


The First Four Day Plan[edit]

In an attempt to gain more prestige within the nation of Auckland Towing, ToddHoward69 began construction of a grand hall for the meetings of the Knights of Auckland Towing, after completion with fierce oversight from RobinJem the hall was received poorly by the people of Auckland Towing, this reception was difficult for ToddHoward69 because of the time, resources and effort he put into the hall. This was the beginning of disappointment for Todd as he saw his ideas get shutdown and generally be ignored by the rest of the group. To add insult to injury another town hall was built with the support of all the members without Todd's knowledge with the members shrugging off Todd's hall as a simple church. Todd was then tasked in claiming the Northern Mushroom Island ToddHoward69 set out and began construction of Fort Bruh, construction was swift beginning at midnight April 5th, with resources donated by fellow Auckland Towing members the first fort was built. It is characterized by its lava defenses making the fort hard to take, construction then began on a bridge connected the fort to a large mountain to its south east, built with purpur blocks due to lack of resources the bridge was quickly completed. Construction then began on the final two forts, much smaller and merely for show they were built with acacia and stone. The Leader of Auckland Towing RobinJem showed disdain of the fort for its lack of 'aesthetic', this caused dismay with ToddHoward69 who had previously asked how RobinJem wanted to have the fort and received only a vague acknowledgment of his presence. The constant exclusion of Todd continued and Todd began looking elsewhere for help.


The Crisis of Bruh[edit]

Following the frustrations Todd had with Auckland Towing he once again sought independence, he looked for outside sponsors to guarantee his independence and gained the support of the Coalition of Gordax and the Communist Islands of PP. RobinJem seeing a potential world war on his hands granted the State of Bruh, upon its birth as a nation the First Republic was announced.