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Diota is a trading town within the Eastern Alps, located in a raised valley to the east of Ironfall.


Diota is a village that formed long after Ironfall's demise. They subsist primarily on grains and tubers, and often research the ruins of Ironfall, having managed to revitalize some of the machinery for use. Irrespective of the local mountainous terrain, they have managed to successfully diversify their socioeconomic status, and are regaled for their economic prosperity as a uniquely isolated yet thriving trading hub in the Eastern Alps. They are assumed to be distantly related to their Nordic brethren on the other end of the Eastern Alps, and their unique brand of archaeology can be instantly marked by use of a unique polar Acacia and an insignia .

MageTrash plans to begin developing the region once he finishes the Great Hall in Ironfall. His main base is most likely to exist at the pass between the two regions, built into the mountain.