Democratic State Of Ohio

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The Democratic State of Ohio (DSO) is a city-state apart of the Autocratic Scientologist States that was founded 30/03/2020. The name comes from the city-state's main food source: the potato.

Pre-DSO History[edit]

The DSO was a untouched piece of land until rocksock420 built a house there, which was a rushed oak house that was later replaced with better materials. The oak house was remade with dark oak wood and stone bricks.

Formation of DSO[edit]

The DSO was formed by rocksock420, leopardninja1, ProGamerPerson, and smittering on the 30/3/20. The town had a goal of becoming a self sustainable nation, that could make a decent amount of money by selling food, building materials and valuables. They specialise in many areas of Commerce E.G; farming wheat, potatoes, carrots And wood; they also have a mining industry where they specialise in rare materials.
When Forming the DSO They came up with their currency Which is the same as Zoujolands Gold But instead of Zold They are Named Potatoes.

Key Buildings[edit]

This is used for mapping out the area that the DSO owns and governs as well as host new players and those who are close by without food or a bed
The Tower
The tower is a place of worship towards Slick java an admin and creator of the server
The tower also host a storage facility, and enchanting room that is maxed out and of course a shrine towards Slickjava.


The economy of the DSO is mainly Gold Nuggets named potato, but they do accept gold and Zold (From Oltanis (formerly Zojouland)

Citizens list[edit]