Communist Islands of PP

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CIPP or PP was founded on 3/4/2011 by the dictator 2NZ.

They worship Pp_aiya. Hence the name; Communist Islands of PP.

Citizens list[edit]




2NZ is a PP politician who has been the Supreme Leader of the Communist Islands of PP since 2011 and chairman of the Workers' Party of PP since 2012.
2NZ rules a dictatorship where elections are not free and fair, government critics are persecuted, media is controlled by the regime, internet access is limited by the regime, and there is no freedom of religion. His regime operates an extensive network of prisons and labor camps; the regime convicts people for political crimes and uses collective punishment whereby members of a family get punished for the crimes of one person.

The Islamic Caliphate-Communist Island of PP incident[edit]

The Islamic Caliphate-Communist Island of PP incident occurred on the 4th of April 2020, when peaceful diplomats of Communist Island of PP made their way on an expedition to meet the members of Islamic Caliphate of the Desert and Savannah, upon arrival, they were met by the wrath of Pepsi_God_ slaying 2NZ in the process and severely injuring NxGD31. He showed no mercy and was ruthless in his actions, 2NZ managed to make his way back to the region and Pepsi_God_ attempted to kill him on sight again. 2NZ managed to survive by using a portal gun on Pepsi_God_ to make him fall to his death. Pepsi_God_ later made accusations that 2NZ stole his gear however due to lack of evidence no punishment was given to either party.

Pepsi_God_ pictured attacking innocent NxGD in the region of the Islamic Caliphate of the Desert and Savannah unprovoked