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AwesomeCrasher's skin

AwesomeCrasher is a user also known as Johnny on the server known for his AWESOME personality. His extreme and irrational actions have lead some users to think that he is an AWESOME friendly person and a bit of a troll lol. He is so AWESOME and cool and 100% a ladies man. He is one of the owners of the nation AWESOME LAND. AwesomeCrasher has been banned multiple times during the server's history, including (Because he is too AWESOME).

Life Story on the server Johnny first joined and joined the Macleans base with other Macleans students who trolled his sky base with bamboo,he then got the chance at earning an overpowered sword by guessing Caidora's number but slicklibro did not trust him so he fought Caidora but never finished the fight. He then went on and made his own base in Macleans and did a few trolls here and there. He then went on to make a base with BlitzTroopa and made a huge castle and a nice house and an overall good place to be. Johnny had a few contrabanned items that Gordax always tried to steal. Johnny also had gotten trapped in a 1x1 box with barriers made by admin slicklibro and told him and BlitzTroopa if Johnny got out they would receive god loot. Johnny made it out with the AWESOME help of BlitzTroopa but slicklibro lied as he never thought we could escape. The capture the flag game was a huge success for Johnny as he won his team the second round and receiving MVP. He moved to another location close to duckshuwu and _xxiceyxx_ where he set up on a huge mountain with BitzTroopa and made his japanese styled house and overall base. All in this time him BlitzTroopa, zojuo, duckshuwu and some others had a rivalry with Mt Gordax. came along during covid and this got Johnnys attention him and BlitzTroopa travelled across the lands to find a nice forest to set up with bees. They then came to the decision to find an end portal and set base up there so that's what they did and it was a nice base with hobbit holes in the caves and a brewery with the best alcohol in the server and next to it was the war of the pumpkin people vs the watermelon warriors Johnny had set up. Johnny had a wonderful time until he kept getting raided and killed for no good reason. The server soon became dead and Johnny got banned.

until now with 1.18...

Achievements On Johnny won the second round of capture the flag, alone, letting his team win and the achievement of getting MVP of the games.

Johnny has built many wonderful structures. Johnny helped out with spawn on both servers and built structures such as his Japanese Temple Mountain base, Horsegirl stables, The Kung Fu Panda noodle shop and AWESOMELAND

Johnny has also gotten the award for best noodles on the server which he serves in his noodle cart around the map