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Auckland Towing is the name of the Island where the Mushroom Crusaders reside. Considered as one of the major Factions within they are economically sufficient in all areas and are known for being major trading partners as well as being extremely well versed in PVP hence deeming themselves "Mushroom Crusaders,"

the official flag of the Mushroom Crusaders


The Mushroom Crusaders first inhabited the island among the first days of the server launching after 2 prominent Crusaders, RobinJem and Smiley999454, discovered the island which was located next to a large desert biome, while it's other 2 founding members Brosephthebro and Caidora, went mining for sufficient resources which would prove essential for them as they develop their new home. Soon after they discovered that within the now deemed isle of Auckland Towing that there were many valuable resources including a massive cave system which winded all through the depths of the island. As well as this located in the desert nearby there was a village that would prove to have a prominent role in aiding the Crusaders in their future endeavors.

Race for the Egg[edit]

Soon after they established themselves on the island including the beginning of Brosephthebro's Quartz mansion and the completion of RobinJem's resource warehouse as well as other projects it would become apparent to the crusaders that another established clan on the server known as "Gordax," had commenced the race for the Ender Dragon egg, an item of incredible value due to their being only one being present in any Minecraft world and it was considered epically valuable to the crusaders due to previous tensions with the members of Gordax on another server known as To the Crusaders this item would send their clout rating to the sky as being able to eternally flex on Gordax. However Two other players entered the end first before either Gordax or the Mushroom Crusaders could enter the end, however through their use of Dynamaps and aa assistance claiming "they were part of an end civil rights movement" were able to quickly access the end so as the dragon was being fought RobinJem,Smiley999454 and Caidora entered the end and witnessed the final moments of the battle with the dragon which ended in neither Gordax or the Crusaders obtained the egg, which satisfied the Mushroom crusaders. Notably founding member Brosephthebro not being present in the battle, this was because he had self-proclaimed himself as "Hazard," as he commonly is known for being clumsy + he was busy building his house.

The 5 day plans[edit]

Post the battle for the end the founding members of the Crusaders founded "The Council," which would be a method of quarrels and disputes between members. The first decree founded as the "the Doofenshmirtz decree," which states that all members shall prioritize their efforts to the betterment of the island including the procurement of resources and structures that allow for the isle to become the "boujee state," that is today. To contribute member Brosephthebro began to further develop his mansion as a social space for other members to interact in a safe and peaceful place.

The completed Quartz Mansion

Smiley999454, another prominent member began to procurer the Mushrooms present on the island in creating a Mooshroom farm, which all members approved of at the time as it deemed an "Essential service," on the more productive side of things members RobinJem began procuring rare resources including Diamonds and Lapis and all the while creating a massive stockpile of Stone and blocked that resembled stone in order to create the fabled "Mt Goyo," named after the explosive operator Goyo Pan, a trusted ally and friend to the crusaders. While all this was a happening member/admin Caidora went on the search for the end city in the chance of securing a large quantity of Elytras, the only flying device in Vanilla Minecraft, notably on the server at the time there was the fabled spiderman vigilante who would go around building horrendous structures and through the power of spider would slip away and past the authorities. Shortly after RobinJems procurement of enough rare resources to establish the crusaders as a viable power on member Caidora discovered an unlooted end city which possessed a wealth of goods including a fabled elytra as well as acquiring several extremely high-value pieces of armor and weapons that been enchanted to kingdom come. Towards the conclusion of the 5-day plan's members Caidora and RobinJem began construction on what is now known as the Booj mine and after using templates online as well as resources found for Mt Goyo, brought their ideas to reality and though aesthetic for the most part serves as a testament to the dedication and resourcefulness of the Mushroom crusade.

the mine that Crusaders Robinjem and Caidora created

The foundation of democracy and power[edit]

With now several major projects underway, The First Council of the Crusade made its final decision and concluded with the "Totally democratic election decree" which would designate that instead of being a council the would reform into a democracy despite keeping the title Mushroom, Crusaders. This was to be held in a discord call due to COVID-19 and after the initial election by-poll, it was concluded with a resounding 3 to 1 vote that prominent member RobinJem would be elected as leader and was dubbed the title "LLLLEEAAADDDEEERRR," as many crusaders currently call him today. this gave Robinjem unrivaled power and social majority when it came to any future major political decisions of the Crusade and furthermore issued his first decree as the "First command of littyness," that every member was to make something upon arrival to the island including current members, that would be deemed "lit," by his standards, and that if there were to be anyone to fail this first-order there would be severe repercussions brought upon them," as the smiling rebellion would show the full fist of the crusade in what would be known as Operation CastleBreaker.

The Modern Crusaders[edit]

With now politics established within the crusade and now the creation of a large "Mob Grinder,"

Grinder pictured here

the now "Founding Crusaders" had attracted attention from all across the gaming realm, and for the very first time they would include a new member Pandaboi70 and he did not disappoint, passing the first test with ease by creating his own land attachment to the island which impressed all the current Founders," and with that, he was allowed into the Crusade

PandaBoi70's massive grass addition

. He would serve by further procuring resources and interacting with the island inhabitants sparking the very first "Bed hunt season," where members would hunt each other beds in hopes that they would have to make the long trek back from spawn after dying. while this was going on member Kaos_NZ would join and subtly build his enchanted floating island house which despite all the founders thinking he was a griefer in disguise resulting in a severe inspection of his property. Unannounced to them it was Pandaboi70 who had invited him and after that first incident, he was welcomed into the Crusade

Kaos_NZ's Enchanted house

. Next was PolarPlayz And he was permitted on the island after the very first democratic election and using his massive Egyptian themed pyramid and cool looking snakes passed the first test. He would procurer resources and BM Smiley999454. and the New member to the Crusade is Flo0oP, A trusted ally of Robinjem he is currently undertaking the first test and is being watched with great interest.

The Smiling Rebellion[edit]

As the Modern Crusaders continued to contribute to Isle and continued to build and conquer nearby settlements such as the now dubbed "Squidward People Village," or as they call for short the "SPD Foundation," and with their growing might came its own issues sparking even from one of its highest members, that being founder smiley999454. With his now Mooshroom farm abolished by Leader RobinJem he had converted it into a fortress built for war, despite having massive lacks in general fortifications and was known as a "turd," by all members of the Crusade. Leader RobinJem had considered the fortress as a practical insult to what the Mushroom Crusaders stand proud for. With this, he ordered the demolition of the stone brick effective immediately. Smiley refused and in blatant disregard for Leader RobinJem's Decree. he did indeed dismantled the Stone Brick but instead of placing it in a permanent exile pearl he built the massive the structure high in the sky and it was thus deemed the I.C.B.T (INTER-CONTINENTAL BALLISTIC TURD). With this creation, the rebellion had begun.

Operation CastleBreaker[edit]

With the Smiling Rebellion in full swing returning from his duties as an Admin Caidora returned with the intent of ending the crisis once and for all Equipped with his staff known as "Adminius Commandius," he was able to swiftly end the rebellion by devising a plan with Leader RobinJem. Initially,Smiley999454 was given an ultimatum by the Loyalist Coalition of RobinJem, Caidora and Pandaboi70 which states that he must create a fortress worthy of the first command or be forcibly banned from the server by the deadline of 8 PM NZT 5/04/2020 However Smiley999454 had an ace up his sleeve that would prove to be his undoing. Despite the civil war continuing he would still contribute fish as a way to keep the other neighboring Crusaders off his back. However, the secondary purpose behind the fishing and that was to obtain a Mending book, an extremely valuable enchant which allows the user's Armour, Tools or Weapons to repair naturally over time and has a 1% chance of spawning from fishing. However, what he had indicated numerous times through Discord was that he has been using an Autofish hack which allowed him to be AFK and still fish at an alarming rate. With all of this hot goss, it was not long before the prying eyes of the Admins investigated the situation, even SlickJava (the server's owner) caught wind of the incident and with the help of admin logs, they were able to deduct the theory that smiley999454 was The Vigilante Spiderman which he would confess in his Letter of surrender. As the Loyalist coalition had finally had enough of his Atrocity in the sky they commenced Operation CastleBreaker Premmaturely and With Smiley999454's notice of surrender, which would be part of his plea deal with Slick, which Dubbed The Spooder treaty of March decree that his I.C.B.T be nuked out of the sky for the entire server to see and that he would only build structures of quality and effort for the rest of the server's existence.

The Construction of Peace Tower[edit]

After recovering from the Smiling Rebellion, much of the crusade had been ripped into disarray and with all this chaos a second civil war broke free though not as substantial as The Smiling Rebellion it is to be noted as of importance. This would be The Civil Bed War, between Leader RobinJem and Pandaboi70 in which it sparked from a daily bed hunt, however as Pandaboi70 had become ripe with the leadership decided to steal the Leader's bed which led to several light-hearted skirmishes across the island. As a result of their conflict this led to many of the other Crusaders notably Brosephthebro,Kaos_NZ and Admin Caidora becoming much more irritated with the incidents as it was interfering with their work and with this intervention, it led to the creation of the Peace Tower, located at the Western side of Pandaboi70's Island it was dubbed the new location in which disputes would settle in a place of neutrality and a Peace agreement was settled between the belligerents. It was also dubbed as their Foreign negotiation hub in which any future declarations of war or peace regardless of context would be settled. Currently, due to the Crusader's Neutrality in world politics, it has been converted into and Elytra Runway, while in the process creating the official Air Force of the Crusaders known as F.T.H.E

The Mushroom Crusaders[edit]

Prominent Mushroom Crusaders from left to right BrosephtheBro,Robinjem Smiley999454,Caidora,Polarplayz,Pandaboi70 missing members Kaos_nz, Flo0op

Democratically elected leader[edit]


Founding Crusaders[edit]


Modern Crusaders[edit]



Inhabited the first mushroom island
Helped in the slaying of the Ender Dragon by appearing once the Ender Dragon was defeated and attempting to "yoink" the Dragon Egg
Obtained the first elytra
Discovered the first woodland mansion at -22508, 21109
First to build a cock on the nether roof